This website,, is the domain address to which experienced producers seeking new unproduced screenplays may have access to Première International Pictures, a recently established film production entity, offering original screenplays for option, or original screenplays for sale (acquisition of screenrights). Acquisition of screenrights is not restricted to producers. Directors, producer/directors, production houses, studios, or any interested parties may consider what is available.

The initial process enables the interested party to review the first twenty pages of all unproduced screenplays without charge to determine interest and suitability. Once interest is established acquisition to the full screenplay as a printed copy is permitted with the payment of $3,000 AUD. This payment guarantees the interested party has exclusive access to the screenplay for two months to secure financing and distribution, and entering into agreement with Première International Pictures. The screenplay will be removed from the site during this period.

If agreement with Première International Pictures has not been established at the end of two months the screenplay will return to the site with a forfeiture of the $3,000 paid. By the end of two months the interested party may request an additional two months to secure his or her ‘package’ with an additional ‘optioning’ fee of $3,000.

The acquisition of screenplays owned by Première International Pictures is not restricted to the USA. All screenplays are available to producers worldwide. Aspiring producers seeking new unproduced screenplays are welcome.

Among these screenplays would be some more suitable as television films, and in the case of FLAMINGO PALACE, as a television series.

Once an agreement is secured with Première International Pictures an independent producer will have the right to produce his or her film under the banner of Première International Pictures. If acquisition is secured by an existing production house or studio, then agreement will be entered into so that production house or studio will produce in association with Première International Pictures.

As President of Première International Pictures Clint Burnette will function as an Executive Producer to protect the interests of Première International Pictures. Clint Burnette will not function in any way which will compromise the authority of the presiding producer nor interfere with the processes of the appointed director. However, Clint Burnette, as writer of the screenplay, will contribute to the film’s production only upon the invitation of the producer and the director to explain, assist or expand upon matters contained within the screenplay.